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  Feel the difference when working with PDT instruments: they are lighter, more tactile sensitive, and even patients can feel the difference. Our designs are precisely fine tuned, providing access and adaptability like no others. The durability of our advanced formula steel is unsurpassed, outlasting more expensive instruments multiple times.

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Canada   Canada- AB, BC, MB, SK   Bruce Matthews   604-202-7593   bzmatthews@gmail.com
Canada   Canada- NB, NS, ON, SK   Wendy Birtles   905-616-5476   wendypdt@yahoo.com
Canada   Canada- QC   Sebastien Tardif   514-623-4518   stardif@posiflexdesign.com
International   Australia   Michael Pease   +61 6139-540-4550   michael@medident.com.au
International   Bulgaria   Denica Nenkova   +359 760-444-4161   denica@bluemonsterdental.com
International   Bulgaria   Jeff Stratton   +359 760-444-4161   jeffstratton5@yahoo.com
International   Chile   Karolina Jativa   +56 569-956-2207   karolina.jativa@vitalcom.cl
International   China   Ping Zhao   +852 011-86-20-3801 3396   ping.zhao_grandtreasure@yahoo.com
International   Colombia   Alexandra Cardona   +57 313-251-3336   alexandra.cardona@vitalcom.com.co
International   Croatia   Barbara Zupicic   +385 385 1-558-1800   barbara.zupicic@dentalexpress.hr
International   Croatia   Odjel Nabave   +385 385 1-558-1800   info@dentalexpress.hr
International   Czech Republic   Miroslav Stastny   +420 420 603437629   cresco@volny.cz
International   Ecuador   Ximena Jativa   59399299956   odontodesigns@hotmail.com
International   England   Debbie Harrison   44-1535-656312   debbie@swallowdental.co.uk
International   Finland   Jani Heikkilä   +358 358-400-80-3903   jani.heikkila@hammastuote.fi
International   France   Sylvie Ozannat   +33 +33 4 42 26 80 64   sylvie.ozannat@wamkey.com
International   Germany   Marcus van Dijk   +49 0203-805-0548   M.vanDijk@zantomed.de
International   Greece   Simon Maragelis   +30 30-210-748-2170   smaragel@otenet.gr
International   Guatemala   Simon Ortiz   +507 502-2255-6173   unknown@unknown.com
International   Hong Kong   Connie Ng   852-2541-2290   connie.ng@henryschein.com
International   Hong Kong   Jeremy Tung   852-2541-2290   jeremy.tung@henryschein.com
International   Hong Kong   Kristel Lee   852-2541-2290   kristel.lee@gmail.com
International   India   Amitabh   +91 91 802-545-0189   omegainc@rediffmail.com
International   India   Manu Jaipuria   +91 91-11-407-2666   manu@libraltraders.com
International   Israel   Amira Landau   +972 00972-9-8855626   amira@megadent.co.il
International   Italy   Paolo Modena   +39 39-0584-37053   paolo.modena@medical-one.eu
International   Japan   Kazu Sekine   111-111-1111   sekine@micro-t.jp
International   Kingdom of Cambodia   Meng Sok   855-23 950 338   meng@unidentcambodia.com
International   Malaysia   Barry Chin   +60 60-3 5635-3211   barry_chin@healfast.com.my
International   Malaysia   Goh Seng   +60 60-3 5635-3211   khoonseng@meditama.com.my
International   Netherlands   Dick Smit   31-0)10-4361735   d.p.smit@planet.nl
International   Netherlands   Katja Lieshout   011- 0181 63-3232   katjavanl@me.com
International   New Zealand   Don McRae   +64 011-644-387-3874   don@healthcareessentials.co.nz
International   Panama   Alain Apolayo   +507 507-236-9093   alain.apolayo@surtimedico.com
International   Philippines   Dondie Manaol   +63 632-374-1111   dondie.manaol@alphadent.com.ph
International   Poland   Anna Biernacka   +48 48-71 368 7166   biuro@hager.com.pl
International   South Africa   Jolene Grundelingh   +27 27 11 695 1900   jolene@dismedonline.com
International   South Africa   Ken Foulston   +27 27 11 695 1900   kenfoulston@icon.co.za
International   South Korea   Yoona Kim   82-2-6366-2121   yuna0109@shinhung.co.kr
International   Switzerland   Michel Binder   +41 0041 0)52 397 30 20   michel.binder@bds-dental.ch
International   Switzerland   Peter Binder   +41 0041 0)52 397 30 20   peter.binder@bds-dental.ch
International   Taiwan   Solomon Chen   111-111-1111   info@ysd.com.tw
International   Thailand   Suradet Chanta-amornwongse   +66 662-293-1801   suradet@darphie.com
Schools   US & Canada School Coordinator   Tracy Hull   406-626-4153   tracyh@pdtdental.com
USA   Al, AR, FL-G, LA-S, MS, TN-E, TN-W   R.C. Klein, Jr   504-259-7835   kleinjr821@aol.com
USA   AZ, CA-S, NV-S   Dustine Doran   303-748-2524   dustinedoran@gmail.com
USA   CA-N, NV-N   Gloria Murphy   510-612-6355   justgpm@sbcglobal.net
USA   CA-N, NV-N   Michael Murphy   925-330-2571   mmurphy1090@gmail.com
USA   CO, NM, UT, WY   John Doran   719-440-4087   jpmonuco@aol.com
USA   CO, NM, UT, WY   Sam E. Lowe   719-440-4088   loweandtell@aol.com
USA   CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT   Paul Rouillard   978-852-5226   contact@pmrdental.com
USA   DE, DC, MD, NJ-S, NJ-W, PA-E, VA   Ed Snyder   908-334-7235   edsnyder58@gmail.com
USA   GA-E, SC-E, SC-W   Cos Castro   803-261-0700   clc55@windstream.net
USA   GA-W   Tricia Clark   704-301-4475   trika1105@gmail.com
USA   IA, MN, ND, SD   Tim VanWychen   651-231-2801   vanwychen@hotmail.com
USA   ID, OR, WA-E, WA-W   Dan Broders   503-709-2604   brodental@gmail.com
USA   IL, IN, WI   Dolores Benoit   847-846-9997   dolores@doloresbenoit.com
USA   KS, MO, NE   Jeff Kelley   913-302-7330   bunktaz@gmail.com
USA   LA-N, OK, TX   Bob Burke   972-342-8146   bobburke820@hotmail.com
USA   LA-N, OK, TX   Stuart Buam   214-673-2010   sbaum@prodigy.net
USA   LA-N, OK, TX   Tina Wright   903-450-5139   twright1960@aol.com
USA   MI, OH-E, OH-W   Lisa Darrow   616-581-4270   lamdarrow@yahoo.com
USA   MT, HI, AK, KY, WV, PA, FL   Betty Scheafer   406-626-4153   bettys@pdtdental.com
USA   NC & GA-E, SC-E, SC-W   Jack Clark   704-301-1113   montanajack1027@gmail.com
USA   NYC, NJ-N   Mitchell Rieders   516-987-8779   mrieders@optonline.net
USA   TX   Aaron Srader   406-201-3707   ssrader@me.com

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