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  *Order one of the following EDS Flexi-Post or Flexi-Flange Introductory Kits (EDS SKU 110-00, 110-01,115-00, 115-01, 410-00, 415-00) EDS will send a $25 Visa Gift Card with your post order. This promotion is vailid to US dentists only and may not be combined with any other offer. Orders must be place between April 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018. Go to **Purchase a combination of any 40 posts from the below list and receive a 10-Post Refill FREE. This promotion is valid to US dentists only and may not be combined with any other offer. Orders must be place between April 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018. Go to *Q2 Promo Purchase $350 of ANY EDS Products and receive a $25 Netflix E-Gift Card. Offer valid to US Dentists only. Dentist must purchase $350 of EDS products on one dealer invoice in order to receive a $25 Netflix E-Gift Card. ***Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Bottle of Irritrol At Essential Dental Systems we develop and manufacture innovative Dental products designed specifically to get results quickly and effectively without the anxiety and stress associated with most techniques and instruments marketed to you today. Our line of patented instruments and systems are invented by Endodontists for you, the Dentist. Years of research and clinical studies ensure each of the products in our line have been tested and proven, From instrumentation and obturation to post, core, overdenture and hand cream, EDS offers total solutions for your endo and general clinical needs.

Document Library

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*Specials Post Promo
*Specials Q3 2018 Promo
Adhesive  EDS Bonding Agent
Adhesive  EDS Bonding Agent Instructions
Adhesive  Envy Instructions
Adhesive  Envy Product Profile
Composites Brochure: All In One
Composites Brochure: Core Material
Composites Brochure: Post Cement
Education Video: Hands-On Course
Endodontics Brochure
Endodontics Brochure: Instrumentation
Endodontics Brochure: Obturation
Endodontics Brochure: Tango-Endo
Endodontics How To: Size GP Point
Endodontics Video: Instrumentation Technique
Endodontics Video: Lubricating HandPiece
Endodontics Video: Mixing Obturation
Endodontics Video: Obturation Flow
Endodontics Video: Obturation Placement
Endodontics Video: Obturation Spiral
Endodontics Video: Tango-Endo
General 2016 Sugg Retail Price List
General Product Catalog
General Request an in-office demo
Hand Cream Brochure: Hand Cream
Hand Cream Request: Glove'n Care Sample
Irrigation Brochure: Irrigation (CHX)
Irrigation Brochure: Irrigation (EDTA)
Irrigation Irritrol
Irrigation Irritrol Product Profile
Irrigation Video: Irritrol vs CHX
Irrigation Video: What is Irritrol
Mouth Mirrors Brochure: Mirror
Mouth Mirrors Video: Mouth Mirror
Overdentures Brochure: AccessPost OVD
Overdentures Brochure: EZ-Change
Overdentures Brochure: Flexi-OVD
Posts Brochure: AccessPost
Posts Brochure: EZ-Fit
Posts Brochure: Flexi-Flange
Posts Brochure: Flexi-Flange Fiber
Posts Brochure: Flexi-Post
Posts Brochure: Flexi-Post Fiber
Posts Video: EZ-Fit Placment
Posts Video: Flexi-Flange Placement
Posts Video: Flexi-Post Fiber Placement
Posts Video: Flexi-Post Placement
Posts Vido: Flexi-Flange Fiber Placement
Ultrasonics Brochure: Ultrasonics
Ultrasonics Instructions: Ultrasonic
Ultrasonics Video: Ultrasonic Tips

Rep List

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Master   Asia/Pacific, South America   To Be Assigned   2014879090
Master   CA, AZ. NV, HI   Andrea Thompson   909-912-4044
Master   Europe, Middle East   Tom Dammeyer   7177125422
Master   FL   Andrea Cologgi   9546816003
Master   IA, MN, SD, ND, NE   Mike Fleischaker   6128677086
Master   IN, WI, IL   Gordon Jennings   8473379054
Master   MA, RI, NH, CT, NY, ME, VT   Paul Rouillard   9788525226
Master   MT, CO, WY, UT, NM   John Doran   719-440-4087
Master   NJ, NY Metro   Gina Susino   2015434786
Master   Ontario, Montreal Canada   David Goldshaw   9056694533
Master   Ontario, Montreal Canada   Steve Fredette   4163033289
Master   PA, DE, MD, VA, NJ, DC   Sofia Dinneen   610-331-8314
Master   TN, NC, SC, GA, AL   Anna Canale   8036347484
Master   TX, LA, AR, MS, OK,MO,KS,IL   Megan Mottwiler   2014879090
Master   WA, ID, OR, AK   Cameron Condray   503-347-9035
Master   Western PA, WV, KY, OH, MI   Erika Flanigan   614-560-9703

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